Mobile is a virus for young generation.

It was past when young ones were attentive to the words of their parents, elders and teachers. They used to listen their words and advices. But now the story is far more differnt as youngs are always busy. Their heads are bent down like obidents but in fact they are down for some other purpose. They are always down in order to have a look on each incoming texts and miss calls. It does not matter wheather they are in their house, class, friends or somewhere in the party. This all is happening just because of this mobile virus. Young ones spend their nights restless and it results in reducing their performance in  exams and other practical places.

What can be done is still a question but in last week we got a ray of hope from the horizion of Government of Punjab that they are planning to ban night packages of all mobile phone companies. Its exiting to note that our Government has finally got some ear towards the issue of young generation other than some usuall issues which are almost unnecessary to discuss in assemblies.

Its a good step if  Government seriously act against this virus of mobile phone which is actually spreading at a great speed and playing a vital role in diverting young generation from their actuall cause. Our country needs workers not night awakers. Baning these night packages can realy help us to recover our generation which has been badely affecdted by this virus.


4 Replies to “Mobile is a virus for young generation.”

  1. wrong usage mobile fones has become a great problem for our society now a days. our new generation wastes most of its time in wrong usage of mobile fones. we should solve this problem using electronic and print media guidinng new generation to avoid wrong usage of mobile fones

  2. if they are such good politician and care for their people and their religion why dont they shut down clubs why dont they ban the selling of wine they are just trying to convince us that the gov and the people are on the same page but truth is far different.its just a news… it wont work.. i mean cellular companies wont let it to be done…

  3. Depends upon the Mood of the young one you know.
    If he/she’s the one who is occupied with his/her work, then he/she can be be given a cellphone to operate with since they are rsponsible. And they for sure will use it in a right way and benifit themselves.
    where as if a acellphone is given to a youngster who is kind’a slaclking in his responsibilities, then it may go wrong. So in that case, its not good to go on with. It’ll make them wily to go out and work around wrong things!!!

    So my conclusion is that it is like a cion having two sides…. giving a cell phone to a youngster where he/she is responsible or not is the common factor to deal with. if he’s responsible and agreeable to be trusted, then he/she can be given one!!
    If He/she’s not, then not to be given.


  4. Agree with Mr.Bilal Shoaib. For instance if the Government banned the night packages the young one’s who are wasting time with mobile must find another way of wasting time so according to my opinion our generation has to become mature enough to left this time wasting tasks like chating and other similar tasks. This can be done by awareness of the bad results of this time wasting by teachers and parents cuz our young generation is now mature enough that they know all good and bad things.


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