What Judges were expected to do?

When all the people of Pakistan were fighting for the independence of  judiciary, they were not caring for their lives. They lived away from their homes, families and loved ones for long marches to make it success. It was not meant to achieve their personal goals or benefits but it was to have an independent judicial system. They fought with heart and souls for the restoration of judges. It became a national movement and every Pakistani participated in it. This, they were doing for a national cause.

They were struggling and fighting for the wish to have an independent judicial system that will safeguard their rights. They were hoping that this new and independent judicial system will save them against those who are looting and crushing them sine last 62 years. People gave their blood to this movement of lawyers in order to have those judges who will decide in the favor of people not in the favor of any dictator or politician.

What happened after the success of the movement? Has those goals been achieved? Are people getting justice according to the constitution of Pakistan? is judiciary is ensuring all fundamental rights of people? is judiciary making accurate interpretation of law? is this judiciary really different from the judiciary of past?

These question needs to be answered by those who are the beneficiaries of that movement? Those people should answer for whom people shed their blood. is N.R.O more important or promotion of Justice Saqib Nisar? Inflation is rising everyday but judiciary is involved in some other conflicts. When we will get those results for which we sacrificed for months and fought against Pervaiz Musharraf.


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