Media is making justice impossible

A judge in Pakistan is not in position to act freely as he is under pressure of many forces. These forces may be political, ethnic, religious or fear of loosing job. However we should not forget that judges are also made from the same clay we are made. In a country like Pakistan, a free judical system is among those requirments which are primary to lead it towards light of progress. We need judges like Justice Ghulam Safdar Shah who thought it unfair to hang leader of nation, Z.A. Bhutto.

Our “Worst” neighbour, India is setting some example which after reading put a question mark on our judicial system. A recent case in which a bench of two judges took notice of killing a Maoist leader and a journalist accompanying him. They questioned Govt about this case in a way in which a poor in Pakistan is questioned. Another case in which an Australian missionary was murdered by an Indian for spreading Christianity requires attention. The killer was sentenced for life but court took notice and ordered to hang him.

However the story remains uncomplete if Indian are taken as exmple. We should keep in mind the case of Afzal Guru who was held responsible for attack on Indian Parliment. He is still seeking justice. Indian court is able to frame any decision against him. It is because Indian media has altered all realities to relate him with Kashmiri jihadi group. Although their forces admit that he was in regular observation before these attacks and there is no proof of his connection with Kashmiri jihadis. Thousands of other cases in India and other parts of world have been disturbed by media and situation is still going from bad to worse.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, the situation is more alarming. Media is not only leading the court but is itself trying to acquire authority of decision. For instance, if we take example of Mukhtara Mai case, it was media who made the reality different whixh later caused alot of harm to our international image. Another example of Sialkot case in which two brothers were killed very badly, media ,made it impossible to unveil the reality. Salamn taseer’s murder again is an example in which role of media cannot be ignored. The top most of all these cases is Bill against Law of Blasphmy which needs serious attention from serious heads. But media has made the discussion in some other directions instead of making it easy for court or parliment to discuss it. itisan obvious fact that media is important but as a watchdog only. There is a serious need of maintaining a check on direction of media. it can be done first by media persons. They should keep there positions and minds clear and should not compromise our national intigrity and social balance. On the other hand, society should keep a check on media. We all should not allow media people to influence any decision and we should not allow them to alter any reality. A strong and effective justice system is a sure way to make our society a heaven on earth.

“Peace is not the absence of war but the presence of justice.”


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