What makes us backward Nation?

On a hot day summer day in Pakistan, can you find a place where you can breathe once without feeling pity for you, your country and for your future? Future is a question for us which is almost impossible to answer.

But the most tragic side is that we always try to held others (politicians, administration) responsible for all that is happening with us. Are they really responsible for corruption, power shortage, lack of justice, inflation, child rapes, abduction, robberies, target killing and many mores which are not taken into list?

Politicians and administrators are all supported by us. We elect politician and make them sit to rule us. So, why we held them responsible for all massacres?

Bureaucrats are those who belong to us and study hard to get to a position, once they sit on a seat, they forget all moral limits. Why did not their parents made them morally strong enough to resist falling prey to immoral use of power? Are they responsible or education and social set up which did not train them enough to be real Human Beings?

They are not ones responsible for our backwardness, but it is our pattern of thinking that is real contributor to our backwardness. If we aright our attitude and make correct decisions while electing our representatives, half the problem is solved. And rest can be solved by improving moral standards of our education and society. We need to set up a lust-free society that should be based  on golden principles of Islam.


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