Education and Destiny of a Nation

Posted On February 9, 2010

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Education system is vital key to take nations at heights. History is evident that only those nations dominate the world which posses sound and strong education system. When Romans were at top, it was just their education and skills which helped them to achieve this prestige. Arabs rose on the horizon of the world just they had education of their own kind that was unique and best in the world. Now west is leading the world and it is owed to their education and knowledge of modern living and crafts. As far as the Muslim world of today is concerned, they are being crushed in almost all parts of the world. Nothing except the education downfall of Muslims is causing them to face such a worse condition. Muslims are not able to carry their own system as well as the system of others. They are concerned about morality but this is causing them to lose their today and their status in the world. They are not able to come up with the current pace of the world. What we need to do is to develop a system of our own that should lead us to achieve a status which we have lost in last few centuries.

Human rights and Dr. Aafia Siddique

Posted On February 9, 2010

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this has been decided by the courts of United Nations of America to declare Dr. Aafia as a terrorist. she has been accused to shoot dead some of the American member of forces and alleged relationship with Taliban. How this has been proved in the courts is not more than a drama that has been staged in order to tease Muslim nation. How she can shoot member of forces with a gun that she even cannot lift up and which is automatically operated by the owner of the gun only.

Here I am not discussing the facts and figures but want to know what International Human Rights Agencies are doing there? why they are silent? Why a simple lady doctor is being tortured like this and they are silent like they do not have ears? They declare themselves as the protector of Human rights and speak a lot if any Taliban in Swat Banish some lady. But here they are totally showing ignorance from this issue. Isn’t it a religious discrimination with here? They are not raising voice jut because she is Muslim? Why the Government of Pakistan is not coming at front to save here?

When we will wake up? When we will be able to save our daughters? When we will construct those walls which will be stronger enough to protect our daughters? When this world will have a uniform peace order without discrimination on religions?

Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Posted On February 8, 2010

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So many times I have asked my young fellows that why do they celebrate Valentine’s Day but they could not satisfy me with their answer. All of them are interested in throwing flowers and in making new relations(fake). But is it according to our social set-up? Is it justified according to our religion? Why do we not consider that we are living in a Muslim society? And if we are not able to resist it or we want to celebrate it as all other world do than why we do we not take it as a positive way to build our society? We can distribute and spread love to those who deserve it rather than those who do not.

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